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Wed, May 2, 2018 3:31 AM

Many TV shorts are too long

There are 8,368 TV shorts currently listed in IMDb. However, many of them should not actually be listed as shorts.

For context, here is the IMDb definition of the Short genre (emphasis added);

Any theatrical film or made-for-video title with a running time of less than 45 minutes, i.e., 44 minutes or less, or any TV series or TV movie with a running time of less than 22 minutes, i.e. 21 minutes or less. (A "half-hour" television program should not be listed as a Short.) If known, please submit the running time if we do not have one on record. Objective.

So we should not see TV shorts with a running time of 22 minutes or longer. However, many of the titles currently listed as TV shorts are, indeed, 22 minutes or longer and were broadcast in "half-hour" time slots (including commercials). By my count, 40 of the 50 most voted TV shorts are at least 22 minutes in length. In fact, it appears that there are 3,777 TV "shorts" that are at least 22 minutes long.

Is it possible for the IMDb staff to remove the Short genre from the TV titles that don't qualify? What I am basically looking for is for the software to use the following rule:
If Title Type = TV movie
and Runtime >= 22 minutes
and Genres include Short
then remove Genre: Short.
This would be preferable to expecting contributors to remove the inappropriate Short genre tags by hand.




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2 years ago

Hi gromit82 -

Thanks for identifying these "short" Genre listing errors.  I have filed a ticket requesting a clean-up, as soon as I have a status on the progress I will be sure to update you here.  Cheers!

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2 years ago

Good find Gromit! That said, I would personally prefer it if IMDb changed the definition of a Short so that a TV Movie follows the same rules as a theatrical movie or a direct-for-video movie. I think most people would consider a TV Movie of 30 minutes a short film. Apart from, what is a TV Movie in one country or one period of time can be a direct-to-video or theatrical movie in another country or time period.