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Monday, August 29th, 2022 4:05 PM


MAJOR PROBLEM: Someone has been targetting ages of Indian tv actors/actresses

Today i randomly came across 3 TV actors with their Year of birth changed, and not by  a few years but in one case by 30 years, can an admin find out who "submitted" those changes and rollback every submission they made? cause i only found about 20 but i assume there is more, maybe even more than 50. I thought IMDB took changing of birth/age section seriously.. apparently not.. The ones i found are

* Tarun Khanna - who was born in 1984 and not 1954

* Anang Desai - who was born in 1953 and not 1933

* Sonia Singh -  who was born in 1985 and not 1964

* Shishir Sharma - who was born 1955 and not 1935

* Falaz Naaz - who was born in 1993 and not 1973

* Rahil Azam - who was born in 1981 and not 1961

* Khalid Siddiqui - who was born in 1974 and not 1958

* Pooja Banerjee - who was born in 1991 and not 1979

* Kamya Punjabi - who was born in 1979 and not 1959

* Sonarika Bhadoria - who was born in 1992 and not 1972

* Tasneem Sheikh - who was born  in 1980 and not 1962

* Arun Bali - who was born in 1942 and not 1922

* Gaurav Khanna  - who was born in 1981 and not 1966

* Suhasi Goradia Dhami - who was born in 1988 and not 1974

* Shweta Kawatra -  who was born n 1976 and not 1960

* Surbhi Tiwari - who was born in 1980 and not 1964

* Megha Gupta - who was born in 1985 and not 1971

I feel the same troll messed with these 17 for sure but there are others which are off by 1-10 years so not sure if its related

* Vikas Bhalla - who was born in 1972 and not 1967

* Anjali Abrol  - who was born in 1990 and not 1980

There is more, a lot more but i'm getting bored doing this so can i get help of Indian contributors on this forum to help me list  the rest of them and can an admin, not just rollback these changes but also rollback every change made by the trolls who did this cause its obvious every information they have added to IMDb is false.



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2 years ago

Hi vhavnal -

Thanks for your above reports. These unverified birthdates have now been either corrected or removed.


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@Michelle​ Thanks but it wasn't just about removing/fixing the D.o.B only ( i see a lot were removed instead of fixed), it was about finding more that were "vandalized' by these trolls and fixing those, I only picked these by randomly going through random TV shows and picking those with headshot assuming they would probably have a listed DoB, there's quite possibly more of these, I don't watch indian soaps (no intelligent person would) and i was hoping since you guys have access to the contribution history of those who made these changes that you would find the perpetrator(s) and rollback/fix every change they made and block them for good..