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Sat, Nov 6, 2021 4:21 PM

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Jai bhim rating

The indian actor surya's movie jai bhim got 31k likes and a rating of 9.7 but it didn't climb on the imdb top list why?

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9 m ago

Just over an hour ago.... I saw JAI BHIM LISTED@#1!!!!



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9 m ago

Hi Job1234 -

I can also confirm that the title "Jai Bhim" is now listed in the #1 position of Top Rated Indian Movies:




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9 m ago

Also in the overall Top Rated Movies:

The calculated rating is different between the two lists (8.9 vs. 8.1). The Indian list has a minimum number of ratings of 5,000 while the overall list has a minimum of 25,000, which is a factor in the rating formula. Maybe someone smarter than me can work out if that is a sufficient explanation for the difference.