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Thu, Oct 24, 2019 4:38 PM


It just seems wrong.

I am at a loss at why many of my valid contributions, (most of which I actually have verifiable proof, including both pictures and video clips of),are being denied without any specific reason as to why they are being denied! If there was a forum set up for us the contributors to send not only their contributions but also some type of proof I would absolutely do so. What makes this even more frustrating,  to someone who takes their submissions so seriously is constantly seeing other contributions accepted and posted, that are absolutely against the rules listed by imdb...I can point out many submissions, by other contributors, that are 100% pure opinion or conjecture! Why these types of contributions are allowed when other provable submissions are denied is very off putting to a person who follows the written rules and guidelines, when submitting! For example, in an episode of Bonanza titled "The Ride" one contributors submission says that a main character says something that is completely not true, and is very clear to the ear. When I attempted to "fix" the inaccurate post it says my submission cant be verified even though every episode of Bonanza is available to watch. I do realize this might be time consuming of course, that's why I don't understand why there is no designated email set up/available to include ones proof so there is no unneeded denial. 




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Please include the 18-digit reference numbers of the submissions so an IMDb representative can review the updates and respond.