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Wed, Mar 31, 2021 2:06 PM

INTRODUCING: Contribution for Setting a Primary Contact

INTRODUCING: Contribution for Setting a Primary Contact

We've launched the capability to submit a Point Contact.


Professionals often need to contact other professionals and companies. Sometimes they are trying to find a job, or get hired themselves. They can also just be looking for people to partner with or to expand their network. To ensure professionals can get straight to the right person, we need to make it clear on IMDbPro which of the client’s representatives is/are point contact/s.


When adding a new talent agent to your page, the option to Set as point contact will be shown at the bottom of the form - simply tick this and submit your request for review.




To update an existing agent, use the pencil icon next to any contact information you can update talent agent representation by selecting the company they're associated with, followed by the button    and Set as point contact - you can also untick this option if you'd like to remove them as the point agent.


There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • There can be only one point contact per combination of company and representation subtype (talent agent, talent agent-literary etc.), for any number of companies representing the name.
  • The point contact will be displayed with “(point)” next to the corresponding name, everywhere it is shown on IMDbPro.
    • In the Contacts sidebar on the client’s name page on web.
    • In the “Overview” and “Contacts” tabs on the client’s name page on iOS and Android.
  • Point Contact cannot be designated to employees, it can only be applied to representatives
  • Your representation needs to be linked to a company in order to update your point contact
  • Adding a new point contact will override any previous selection for the same company and talent type; otherwise you'd have to unset your current point contact before setting another one.

For more information please see our Contact Data Guide.


Thanks as always for all your feedback – please feel free to post your questions and comments to this thread. 








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