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Wed, Mar 31, 2021 2:18 PM

INTRODUCING: Contribution for Department Head

INTRODUCING: Contribution for Department Head

Hi All,


We have published a new contribution guideline around Department Head.


A department head is a person who leads, supervises, or heads a specific department (or sub department) within a production. They are also sometimes responsible for hiring others into their department. For example, the cinematographer or director of photography is the head of the camera and lighting department. Similarly, the sound mixer is the head of the sound department. Some departments have sub departments within them and each sub department may or may not have a department head.


Department heads are very rarely listed in a titles end credit sequence - therefore, similarly to Showrunners and Head writers, listing Department heads is a rare exclusions to our policy of: “Listing all information on IMDb based on a titles end credit sequence."


Please see our new Help article to review our guidelines to make sure the information is added correctly: Department Head


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2 m ago

Department heads are very rarely listed in a titles end credit sequence 

What if they are? How does one add these credits then? The same as the ones that are NOT listed in the end credit sequence? In that case, am I correct in stating that it's not possible for the customers of IMDb to distinguish who was and who wasn't credited for this job? And if so, doesn't that mean customers would have to use another source than IMDb to find out about this?

Apart from this, for years, IMDb has said, in literally hundreds of instances, that (uncredited) means no more and no less than that a specific person was not listed in the end credit sequence of a specific title. Does IMDb still feels this way? If so, why make exceptions for some jobs? If not, how does IMDb feel about the (uncredited) attribute now?

Also, why are some jobs behind the screens (department heads, showrunners, head writers) more worthy of not having this attribute than other jobs? And what does this mean for older titles? As you know, it's usually the case that the older a title is, the shorter the end credit sequence.

(and then there are special cases, like the Dogme95 movement, that didn't credit its directors: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0154420/reference , should they receive special treatment as well?)