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Saturday, February 24th, 2024 10:34 PM

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Introducing as a production category "suspended"

In recent times, there have been a quantity of features that started production but were suspended midway. I suppose it's time to introduce a new production category (announced, pre/post-production, filming, etc) for such features, 

There's enough features for that to qualify, I think:

Batgirl -

Scoob: Holiday Haunt -

New Warriors -

Powerpuff -

Coyote vs Acme -  

The Raccoons -

Some may be suspended permanently, some temporarily, so it's a gray area. But since there are more and more of these occurring, a new category may need to be created. 



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2 months ago

@sai_arun_muthusamy How is this different than the already supported “Abandoned” status? For example, Kaleidoscope (1967)?



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Well, that status cannot be contributed and is not described in any guidelines.

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@Col_Needham​ If such a status already exists, it may be wise to administer it to the films then. Thank you for explaining this to me.