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Monday, February 12th, 2024 12:08 PM


incorrect film information on IMDb

Hey, I'm the director and scriptwriter of Hela (2022). There are mistakes about Hela's achievements on IMDb profile of the movie.

First of all Hela is a winner of 2023 Hollywood Eagle Award for the Best Film, which according to IMDb got a short movie - it is not possible that a short was in a competition for feature fiction movies. Hela is an official winner of 2023 Hollywood Eagle Award for the Best Film, you can check it on the festival website:


Hela was also nominated in following competitions:

Polish Feature Film Competition - Off Camera International Festival of Independent Cinema 2023

Polish Film Competition "From Poland"  - Tofifest - International Film Festival 2023

Best Feature Film  - Two Riversides Film and Art Festival 2023

Best Feature Narrative  - Greenpoint Film Festival 2023

Grand Jury Award - Greenpoint Film Festival 2023

If you would like to confirm those information, they are still available on festivals websites.

I will be very grateful for changing mistakes and adding missing information to Hela's profile.

Best regards,

Anna Kasperska.



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4 months ago

Hi @ankasperska -

You can submit all awards through our online form, follow our help guides for more.