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Tuesday, September 27th, 2022 6:40 AM



IMDb staff: Please merge these keywords into "women's-wrestling" and then block the keywords

Dear IMDb staff:

Here are two oddly phrased (poorly formatted) keywords that only show up on women's wrestling titles:

women-in-the-ring (146 titles)

women-for-rings (5 titles)

These keywords are not true duplicates of the "women's-wrestling" keyword, but that is how they are being used.

I propose merging both keywords into "women's-wrestling," and then blocking both keywords.

Keywords to Merge and Block

women-in-the-ring (146 titles)  -->  women-for-rings (5 titles)  -->   women's-wrestling (422 titles)

Accepted Solution



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2 years ago

Hi keyword_expert -


Merged and blocked!



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@Bethanny​ Thank you!