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Friday, February 3rd, 2023 5:54 PM


Image Decline

I had a image declined that was taken in 1080p but it was of a old cctv source for a crime show, it was a image an entire episode was based around. Never had this issue in past but I can see how it might be wrongly interpreted as 'poor quality', but it is simply historical footage presented as best it can be, you wouldn't decline any images from the Zapruder film because the old source wasn't in HD would you.

Here is the number. #230202-165323-322602

Thanks for any help.

Now normally I'd send in a tiny issue like this to the contact page but they have a 100% disappointment factor over last few months, even when they said they solved my issue it never got solved on the site, literally useless.

So when I sent the small explanation of my 1 solitary stillframe image problem and asked if they could push it through like the good old days, I got this response.

Never I have a had something like this before, I'll never use the contact page again, the staff help on this forum are a million times better.
IMDb must be in staff shortage trouble again if it has more time to copy and paste fob me off than look at a sub number and hit approve. Didn't even change the response from 'missing user review' to 'declined image'. Just couldn't be arsed I guess.

Accepted Solution



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1 year ago

Hello VonPunk,

Thanks for the submission number! I have made the image active and the changes will be live on the site shortly! 


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@Fran​ Thank you, I appreciate that and the quick and reliable help from yourself, Maya and Bethanny (and Michelle before you all) on here.