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Monday, January 11th, 2021 6:45 PM


I want to add episodes for online reality show. I do not see the add episodes option.

I want to add episodes to this show: The Penthouse (Reality Show)

But, I do not see the option to add more episodes as I've found on other forums.
I need to add 3 seasons and the episodes.

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3 years ago

That's because it's set up as a Video, not a TV series.

You can do a Title Correction:

or whatever the title should look like. (A quick google search of

The Penthouse (Reality Show)

did not yield a match.)

Your explanation should include link(s) to reliable site(s) justifying the change.

(The quotation marks are what indicate that it's a TV series.)

Once it becomes a series, you just add episodes:

Episode Guidelines

Overview | Adding Episode Numbers | Things to avoid submitting | Re-ordering episodes with titles | Re-ordering episodes without titles | Deleting episodes You can see a guide on how to add new episodes here. A. Episodes - Overview Whe ... Read more.

How can I add a new episode to a TV series?

To add a new episode to a TV show, look up the series title in the database, scroll through the main cast/credits, and click on the 'Add episode' button in the 'Contribute to this Page' section at the bottom of the page.     Fill in th ... Read more.

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3 years ago

Perhaps this one: