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Wed, Sep 21, 2022 4:08 AM

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I Have No Way To D.M You, So . . . Here Goes Nothing.

Dear @Michelle,

I hope you are well. As you are { in all like

lihood } 'swamped' with your IMDb duties;
I'm going to try and keep this as BRIEF as
I possibly, humanly can.

I'm a former RADIO FILM-REVIEWER.. &

am fast approaching 50 Printed Reviews

here on IMDb. Additionally ..I have many,

many more on 'TMDb' . . plus articles on

other platforms {including my -first ever-

MEDICAL article, on 'LinkedIn' }.

But perhaps 'even more significantly'... I
have (by now) read THOUSANDS UPON
THOUSANDS of reviews ...on -this- very
platform. I can -{ confidently}- state that
I do now understand, considerably well,
how your vetting system is designed to

Were IMDb to hire me as a Paid Remote

Review-screener for IMDb -{ or ANY kind
of creative writing position at your acco-
mplished company, really }- . . I would be

Humbled, And Honoured. 

I am currently in the process of formally
updating my C.V, but if you'd like to view
what's (practically) an 'identical working
replica' in the's the link
to my LinkedIn profile.

" "

Sincerely "Radio1's🎙
Mr. Movie!-Mad Ami"

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14 d ago


Dear @Michelle,

I know it is unconventional to post a "Job

seeker covering letter" on a forum as this.

As best as I am able to explain, here's the

reason in brief:

In the entire 3 years { or so } that I've been

writing reviews... I've only ever known one

PRIMARY administrator (inasmuchas the

'IMDb User Reviews Section' is concerned)

...& that Administrator has been you.

Thats the reason I approached you, directly.

You do not follow me, thus I had no way of

"D.M-ing" you. Kindly take the time to write

me a quick response ; irrespective of whe-

ther you are in a position to hire me, or not

Many Thanks 🙏


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9 d ago

Thank you for the Genuine

concern friend a funny

way, that made my day..!!!

@fire_brand_mc 👊

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9 d ago

Dear All,

I can't find @fire_brand_mc... even though

he  was JUST active on this thread ...does

anyone know what's up with that? Thanks.

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8 d ago



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6 d ago

Dear @Michelle,

I hope you are well. I see you are replying to

practically EVERYONE but me. It is PERFEC-

TLY fine if you are either unwilling, or simply

UNABLE to hire me, at this point in time.

Just afford me the dignity of a simple one

liner, to let me know the same. That is truly

-{ A L L }- that I am asking for... right now.

Thank You










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3 d ago

Hey, why aren't you guys replying to him? Tell him NO if you must, but atleast reply to the guy, right? At least, just let him know he's wasting his time here, with y'all.

Just Sayin'    - M