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Saturday, December 11th, 2021 5:19 AM


I have Never had any submission posted, please help!

My trivia submissions have NEVER been accepted or added to the site. I grew so frustrated with not only my trivia submissions and reviews not being accepted or posted but also never given any reason or explanation why that is. Any and every bit of trivia, no matter how tiny or grand, I submitted was 100% accurate and easily verifiable. I readily admit that my first attempts to contribute did not contain any links or other method to verify. Only after I familiarized myself with the correct method of submitting did I begin to include everything required for my submissions to be posted. All to no avail as I have yet to have any of my submissions accepted and/or posted. My forehead grew too painful to continue pounding it into the same brick wall and as such I have stopped myself just shy of hitting “Submit” many times over the past many months and into years. I can hardly believe that I am even posting this right here. I guess the allure of that brick wall is stronger than I thought. I really DO hope that this, my last ditch effort..., my Hail Mary, will finally help me to successfully post trivia, reviews, etc... and actually contribute to my favorite and most frequented site on the entire net. 
  Thanks in advance,

     ~ Dan Smith II. 



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1 year ago

Dan: Please post your last full data submission here on this message board. You can copy it out of the receipt you would have received from IMDb by e-mail immediately after sending it in. Some of the regulars on the board may review it and, if they can, they may provide suggestions as to how to improve the submission to get it included in the database. (Also, please include the submission reference number -- it's an 18-digit number that will look something like 210123-123456-789000.)


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1 year ago

As was requested some time ago, please post an example of a submission so we can see what might be causing your failed attempts.

My submissions are accepted at the rate of about 99.99%, so I *may* be able to help you figure out what you're doing wrong! But you've got to give us something to work with.