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Thu, Mar 31, 2022 2:51 PM


How to update order of Stars


I have submitted a request to change the order of the actors names displayed under the 'Stars' section. It was approved but I don't see a change. Is it possible to change this order or is this determined by IMDb?

Thanks for the help!




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5 m ago

The 'Stars' cast can be determined by IMDb staff. If it hasn't been set by staff, it just uses the first names from the main cast list.

How did you submit the request?

You can post the reference number here so IMDb staff can look into it.

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4 m ago

Thank you for your response. I submitted it through the edit section. Here is my request number.





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2 m ago

Hello Mizfre,

Has "Nomad" already been released? Please keep on mind that, according to our policies for Credits Ordering In-Development or Pre-Production titles are ineligible for cast ordering and the option will be unavailable. 

Fore more details, I encourage you to check our Help guide for Credits ordering for more detailed instructions.