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Monday, April 13th, 2020 12:24 AM

How to set both types of Episode Photos? (Landscape and Portrait)

Hello Team,

I have read a number of threads and I'm not seeing a very simple explanation on what to do. First let me make a few statements.

1) When you have posted a TV show with episodes and click on the episode section you are presented with a series of spots to post your episode photos which are in landscape orientation.  

2) If you go direct to a single episode page you are asked for a photo in Portrait orientation.

3) If you enter a photo in either of these places and choose either poster or still image, the same photo is shoehorned into both locations and generally only 1 will look good.

My question is this.

Is there a very specific method of inserting a landscape photo in the 'episode list' section and then a portrait photo in the 'single episode' section?

Here is my show. I have only tested with Ep1 & 2 as I am not having success and want to try to figure it out. We are about to go live with a second season of the show, so I'll be adding a bunch more episodes soon.

Thanks All!

Jason Green
Producer - Fable Forest Films

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