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Wednesday, January 25th, 2023 9:21 PM


How to remove images or a person tagged in them!!!

I have the IMDb page of my film here: 


And in it I have uploaded images of a still that contains John Roberts (a director) and tagged him in it as he was in the film.

He has his own profile which is here:


As you can see if you click into his profile, the trailer of my film is there and my film still is used as his profile picture.

This happened completely unexpectedly, as I simply uploaded images for my film and tagged the related information accurately,

Now John Roberts' IMDb profile is flooded by the information of my film.

I have tried to untag him from the picture, as well as remove his credit from the film, but these contributions were declined.

I need a way to fix this as both of me and him does not want this to happen, is there any suggestions on how this could be done?

Thank you.


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8 days ago

Well! If I understand this correctly so is the thing to do as step NR:1 to fix this to say to your friend/director to to his IMBD-pro auccunt and put up another profil picture. Becouse the only way that a still from your movie could be his profil-picture is that he has uploaded it Then when it comes to getting the credit of the movie so scould it not be removed if your friend is the director and the movie is a public domain. Of course can everyone make a misstake. Bit why did you tag him in the picture if both of you dosen't whant to have him credit

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Right. For the time being, John Roberts' only option is to utilize an IMDbPro process to claim his page, upload a featured image and assign it as his primary image, especially considering how the non-IMDbPro freeze frame presently occupying such a slot as a placeholder constitutes a decent head shot in which his whole face is clearly visible.

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7 days ago

Undoubtedly this occurrence feels like a dirty trick on the part of the IMDb software, but that's the way IMDb Title Scorecard image uploads sometimes work, as they have similar internal privilege parameters similar to IMDb's various legacy image upload programs. For this reason, it is wise to be mindful of tagging unclaimed IMDb name pages don't already have images in their corresponding galleries to a IMDb title gallery item (an image) that doesn't already have any tags. You have to take into consideration whether or not the particular image was uploaded to IMDb prior to 2015 or so, or whether or not the particular image was uploaded via Title Scorecard at any time at all. I've encountered this phenomena several times. Mind you this is just one piece of the puzzle concerning the presence of non-IMDbPro images on IMDb name pages. Haha.

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7 days ago

These were uploaded within the past two weeks.




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7 days ago

Hi @SebastianLi -

He can manage his images and videos with pro account. Regarding the credit, you have confirmed it is factual information and as such it won't be deleted.