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Sun, Jun 23, 2019 3:26 AM

How to effectively use Behind The Voice Actors as a source of information

Before you use Behind The Voice Actors to contribute credits to IMDb, here is some advice:

This page (pictured above) has green check marks showing confirmation of a character's voice actor(s). Click on one and you will see ending credits publicly disclosing voice actors for each individual character (pictured below, if applicable). Otherwise, it will show other reliable, archived sources of information.

Pictured below is confirmation for this character's other voice actor.

That page (pictured above) cannot be used because there are no green check marks available for any voice actors for the character specified. This is mere speculation. Pictured below is an email conversation disproving one of this character's voice actors.

Having no green check marks for any character may result in that character's voice actor being unknown (pictured below).


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2 y ago

The point (that you don’t seem to understand) is that if some names are missing from the site like BtVA, it doesn’t really mean much, to be honest. At least not much without real proof.

The other point is that if you claim that some voice actor should be deleted from IMDb, you need to prove that he/she doesn’t appear in the video game. This usually happens by watching the film/series, or playing the game. People don’t usually try to delete names just by comparing the IMDb site to some other (similar or otherwise) site. It’s never a very good approach to base too much on one source, even a good one. This is probably one of the golden rules in any research.

Edit: Site’s FAQ is pretty clear on many points, like:
”Our database is not complete so we are still missing a number voice actors.”