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Wednesday, May 8th, 2024 9:22 PM


how to claim credit in imdb

I recently worked on a short film and the producer told me that if I want to take the credit, I will have to claim it and I am completely new to this so if someone could help it would be great



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1 month ago

mahak: The producer seems to have misdescribed the situation.

Is the film already listed in IMDb? 

  • If so, it will be easier to get your work listed, assuming it is eligible as indicated below. 
  • If not, it will be harder, but it is still possible.

Is your name listed in the on-screen credits of the film?

  • If so, you can get your credit listed on IMDb.
  • If your name is not listed in the on-screen credits of the film, but you are already listed in IMDb for your work on another project, you can get your work on this film listed on IMDb with an (uncredited) attribute.
  • If your name is not listed in the on-screen credits of the film, and you are not already listed in IMDb, you will have to wait until you get at least one on-screen credit in some IMDb-listed project before you can have your uncredited work listed.

There is such a thing as "claiming a page" on IMDb, but it doesn't really have to do with this situation and you don't need it in order to be listed in IMDb.

Please provide full details about the situation.