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Monday, April 8th, 2024 5:40 PM


how do I suggest an image be my primary

I need to change the primary image on our episode page. I appreciate any help you can give me. 

The current primary image has this message on it: 

"This is already the primary image. To suggest a new primary, please select a different image to replace it."

How do I select a different image to replace it? 

I have a second image on this episode page, and need to make it the primary image. How do I do that? 

The episode is Four Died Trying 0: The Prologue

Here is the episode page: 


Link to what we want to be the primary image: 


Link to current primary image that we ultimately want removed from the episode page: 




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1 month ago

On an episode page only images uploaded as "still images" can be suggested as primary.

That is probably something that IMDb should change. But maybe a staff member will be able to change the primary image since none of the images are stills.



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1 month ago

Hi @802_2018 -

Since none of the images are stills I have changed it for you, but as @Peter_pbn mentioned, usually primary images for episodes have to be stills reason why you couldn't request the update through our online form.