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Saturday, September 19th, 2020 6:27 AM


how do i know i already visited a movie page or a actor page ? is there any counter by visit ?



many times i forget if i already visited a page for a movie or a artist name  or not yet.

Sometimes i can guess it myself by the browser link color changed  but not always....


Moreover, sometimes the main title of the movie is changed, so my mind is twirled-trapped !


is there a way to keep in my profil a visit counter by page ?


i'd like to know which artist page i visited the more,  and which movie page i visited or not.


I'm a long time user (more than 10y) but i never discover such feature or option in my preference profil....


Best regards! Have a good day

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4 years ago

I'm quite certain there is no such feature.

You might want to change the Type for this post to Idea (it's currently Question).


With current features on the desktop version of the site, you could use the List feature, and choose to add the title to a specific list. But adding a title to a list from the title's primary page is a one-time thing, and doesn't accumulate statistics as you describe.


Unfortunately Name pages do not have the add-to-list button on the desktop site, but I understand the iOS app does have such a feature, perhaps only to a favorites list.