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Sat, Jan 22, 2022 4:08 AM


How do I change the role in my Know For credits? I have 3 roles in one indie film.


I am a producer, writer and assistant director on our short film, You Go Girl!, that got into Sundance. I put the film into "Known For" but it lists me as Second Unit or Assistant Director. I want it to say Producer which is equally legit and better for my career.

How do I change that?

Thank you!



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4 m ago

Hi CourtneyW -

When you are credited for multiple roles on a title (i.e. Producer and Writer for the same title), our "Known For" Feature will display the role you're best known for according to the profession summary at the top of your IMDb page.Unfortunately, the role cannot be changed.

For more information about this feature and how the selections are made, I encourage you to review our Help Article.