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Monday, September 25th, 2023 11:48 PM



Getting first credits, want to use "stage name," but also want to be searchable by my real name

Hey everyone so I'm going to be getting my first iMDB credit after working on my classmate's "New York Film Academy Intermediate film," and I had a question about legal names vs Nicknames vs. Stage Names and what to tell the person that asks me. I'll use some real people as examples to enhance the made up name I'm going to use.

(again this is not me lol)

Birth name: William H. Pick

Stage Name they want to use (forever): B.H. Pick (Billy H, B.H.)

What do I tell they person who will be filling out the iMDB page?

"William H. Pick as B.H. Pick" or just B.H. Pick and then when I confirm I'm B.H. Pick, can I add my legal name?

It's possible Fergie may be "Stacy Ferguson as Fergie Playing 'Woman #1'"

or The Rock as "Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson" or even "Dwayne Johnson as 'The Rock' Playing 'Male #1'"

I understand the former is usually the format for nicknames, so I would't use William "B.H. Pick" Pick. That's silly.

I ask because I'm also a BFA filmmaking student who can acquire/submit credits for my Intermediate and Thesis (and beyond), but I'm also buying a special edition of something on IndieGoGo and one of the things you get is your name in the credits and an iMDB credit, so same question. The film shoot is happening before the IndieGoGo acquisition, but I'd like them to be correct, and one-in-the-same.

If you need my real name to better effectively assist, I'll be happy to provide it, just not in my opening statements😅

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"Jamison Alexander"
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9 months ago

Hi @directedbyjamison -

The credit should be listed under the name that shows on-screen. You can though, add your name to the Birth Name. See our help guides for more.