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Mon, Feb 1, 2021 4:05 PM

Gender Pronoun Section

Hi there,

We represent a number of high profile clients and many now identify as non-binary. Are you working towards a non-binary option in your gender pronouns section? We’d love to make this an option in this modern world where many artists are transgressing gender boundaries. Here’s a link to some information on pronouns if you’d like:
Please could you let me know if this is going to become an option soon?
Bea Marston, Hamilton Hodell

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9 m ago

Hi, Bea Marson, Hamilton Hodell. Welcome to the IMDb Community forum! Your feedback is valued. Could you, Stephan Kyriacou or an associate of your cause (or Kyriacou's cause) clarify that whether or not it is alright for a non-binary person to be referred to by name in place of where a third-person pronoun would be used when that person has not explicitly indicated discomfort with such a substitution? This question has been inspired by Kyriacou's statement:

If a person tells you what their pronouns are, those pronouns aren’t ‘preferred’. There are no options other than the one given to you by the trans individual.

Of course, a proper name is entirely different from a pronoun, so the collections of options for one would inherently be different from the other. Your continued feedback shall be appreciated.



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1 m ago

Hi there, thank you for reaching out with this suggestion for improvement to the site. I have passed this information on to the relevant team.