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Fri, Nov 19, 2021 11:31 PM


Feedback: IMDb is sometimes driving me crazy

I love this website, it's a convenient tool to look over several TV shows and movies and still have proper oversight.

Especially when researching for papers or presentations on the subject it comes really handy.

But lately there have been trends on IMDb that are driving me nuts.

So I chose to give feedback, maybe it can be adressed and adapted (or more than likely will go unheard).

1. linep of talent on the individual project pages

When you check out a television show you're often greeted with a very percise castlist in order of episode appearances. That makes the page very insightful and helps to keep things organized. However lately IMDb has started to break this organization in favor of "top credited talent".

For example: Doctor Who (TV Series 2005– ) - IMDb

Here you have a completely messed up cast-list because either the producers or IMDb themselves felt the need to shove the new actors atop the board. Instead of having the actor/actress that appeared the most lead the list we have a disorganized mess of various appearances.

Not only that but actors are then credited for archive footage as well (David Tennant only appeared in 50 episodes of the series, not 60 as named there).

2. scattering of television shows over various "mini-series"

This one is truly driving me insane.

We have multiple cases of TV revivals being credited outside of their respective shows and strung together television shows separated over three different pages.

For example: the 1988 "The Chronicles of Narnia" TV series from the BBC.

Instead of being credited as a 3 season long TV series each individual season has a separate page as a "mini-series" 

Der König von Narnia (TV Mini Series 1988) - IMDb, Der König von Narnia (TV Series 1989) - IMDb, Der silberne Sessel (TV Series 1990) - IMDb

More "forgivable" cases include the recent revival of Dexter as a separate series, 24's official 9th season being a separate entity and The Walking Dead Webisodes all being separated from another.

Stay consistent, either cut off the X-Files revival from it's main page as well or just join them all together for the benefit of oversight.

It's damn hard to maintain a level of organization when you have to click through a load of divided projects that are all actually one

AMC, for example, consideres the Walking Dead webisodes as a whole entity. Hence making it an anthology series with four seasons (Torn Appart, Cold Storage, The Oath & Red Machete) and not four separate entities.



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1. The first four names in the "Top Cast" are from the staff-set "Stars" list.  Mixing these with the normal cast list seems to be an invention of the new title page design.