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Monday, November 28th, 2022 5:51 PM


Failure to display the name of the accepted actor with the title (Uncredited) in the list of actors


من fan_hazbin هستم 

برای شخصی به نام امیرحسین امیرپور دوبلور فارسی شخصیت کارتونی فرشته داست و هاسک اعتبار جدیدی ساختم. در سال 2020 در نقش شخصیت های کارتونی فرشته داست و هاسک با گروه دوبله STARDUB دوبله فارسی کرد و حالا می خواستم او را با عنوان (بی اعتبار) در لیست صداپیشگان هتل حذبین قرار دهم. اعتبارش قبول شد ولی اسمش تو قسمت صداپیشه ها نیومد!!! و در ضمن وقتی دوباره میخوام براش اعتبار ایجاد کنم پیغام میاد که قبلا اعتباری براشون ایجاد شده و فقط میتونید ویرایش کنید و در عین حال هنوز اعتباری برایش وجود نداره. در بخش صداپیشگان چطور میتونم این مشکل رو حل کنم؟

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2 months ago

Hi @Fan_hazbin

Since most IMDb staff probably do not speak Persian, I used Google Translate to translate your post from Persian to English:

I am fan_hazbin

For a person named Amirhossein Amirpour, I made a new credit for the Persian dubbing of the cartoon character Fereshte Dast and Husk. In 2020, he dubbed in Farsi with the STARDUB dubbing group as cartoon characters Fereshte Dust and Husk, and now I wanted to include him in the list of voice actors of Hazbeen Hotel with the title (uncredited). His credit was accepted, but his name did not appear in the voice actors section!!! And in addition, when I try to create a credit for him again, I get a message that a credit has already been created for them and you can only edit, but at the same time, there is no credit for him yet. How can I solve this problem in the voice actors section?

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2 months ago

Hi @Fan_hazbin-


I have checked your credits and you are right, the credit was approved. What is happening is our display logic requires at least one fully credited listing on a name page before anything will show. This means if a page has only uncredited listings it will appear empty, even if your addition has been approved. 

Also, we do not list credits for foreign language versions of a film (dubbing, dialogue editing, translations etc.), except for the US dub of non-English animation. We also do not list uncredited voices.