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Thursday, March 21st, 2024 9:22 PM

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Explanation Box for Images

I feel more often these days, I have images declined due to misinterpretation, sure it's good the system flags poor quality images or ones with 'overlaid controls' for checking by an actual human, but if that human has no clue what they looking at or cannot tell if it's a still image or a selfie photo, or if they mistake onscreen graphics or scientific readouts as 'overlaid controls', you just end up with a declined image as I have many times (all of which were approved after I contacted staff and explained). I think it'd be great if looking at my images, the ones I feel might get flagged, I could pop the explanation box open on the upload image pane under the tag options and write an explanation and pop in a timestamped video link to a streaming service proving it is a legit image. and save everyone time.

There is already explanation boxes to remove tags and links so having one to optionally use where needed to help add items should not be that difficult to implement.

I've asked for it plenty before but had no reply nor any indication it's in the works, so I'll try an idea thread.

Thank you.

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