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Sunday, March 19th, 2023 7:06 AM



Even Steven Productions

I typed this into eBay, and there are a number of films on VHS that are not currently listed on IMDb could find.  Like Droid, they look suspiciously like skinimax edits of pornographic films much like Droid (like Droid, they are genre films like horror and Western). No way I'm buying these, but someone should add them to the database.

Midnight Intruders (Gary Graver, 1988)
Blood Hunger (Gary Graver, 1988)

The Last Sundown (Mike Bennet, 1987)

Swingers Massacre (Ron Garcia, date cropped out of photo)

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1 year ago

All are already on IMDb as far as I can see:

​Midnight Intruders -

​Blood Hunger -

The Last Sundown -

​​Swingers Massacre -

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@mbmb​ OK.  I couldn't find them.  Thanks.