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Tue, Jun 18, 2019 3:46 AM

English voice cast for Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Here are the credits on IMDb that I am trying to delete:

Jon Allen - Enemy Fighter
Daniel Amerman - Hwang
Beau Billingslea - Colonel Johnson
Steve Blum - High Roller
Jalen K. Cassel - Skald
Sean Chiplock - Quang/Halo 11/Additional Voices
David W. Collins - AWACS Sky Keeper
Kevin Connolly - AWACS Bandog
John DeMita - Jaeger/LRSSG Briefing Officer 3/Additional Voices
Doug Erholtz - Knocker
David Errigo Jr. - Taylor
Tim Friedlander - AWACS Long Caster
Grant George - IUN-PKF HQ
Chris Hackney - Additional Voices
Anthony Hansen - Additional Voices
Joe Hernandez - Additional Voices
Ben Lepley - Additional Voices
Erica Lindbeck - Deanna McOnie/Additional Voices
David Lodge - AWACS Sky Eye
Austin Lee Matthews - Wit
Chris Niosi - Additional Voices
Brock Powell - Additional Voices
Jay Preston - Enemy Fighter 2/Additional Voices
Jamieson Price - LRSSG Briefing Officer 1/Additional Voices
Bill Rogers - Additional Voices
Michelle Ruff - Huxian
Patrick Seitz - Wiseman
Paul St. Peter - Edouard Labarthe/Additional Voices
Julie Ann Taylor - OBC Newscaster/Additional Voices
Chris Tergliafera - Omega 11
Joe Thomas - Avril's Grandfather/ENN Newscaster
David Vincent - LRSSG Briefing Officer 2/Additional Voices
Stephen Weese - Fencer/Seymour
Brandon Winckler - Georg/Additional Voices
Dan Woren - Colonel D. McKinsey

The one that I am trying to correct is:

Cristina Valenzuela - Ionela A. Shilage

None of the credits that I am trying to delete are available on the game's Behind The Voice Actors page, meaning that they are incorrect.


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2 y ago

Hello Eric,
Please refer to our correspondence on previous threads regarding removing uncredited English voice cast credits.
Thank you.