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Saturday, November 19th, 2022 9:31 PM


No Action Needed

Duplicate Keywords - List #67 ("sex-with-" keywords) (Proposals for Permanent Merger and Auto-Conversion)

Here is the next installment of my lists of proposed keywords for permanent merger and auto-conversion.

I am posting this list for fellow contributors to review first and raise any objections or questions. I will wait at least 28 days before changing this post to a "problem" post and asking IMDb staff to make the proposed changes.

The mergers and auto-conversions should be made in the direction of the arrows.

Duplicate Keywords Proposed for Permanent Merging and Auto-Conversion

sex-with-alien (83 titles)  -->  human-alien-sexual-relations (8 titles) -->  human-alien-sex (15 titles)

sex-with-animal (34 titles)  -->  sex-with-an-animal (75 titles)  -->  bestiality-sex (3 titles)  --> beastiality (19 titles)  -->  bestiality (314 titles)

sex-with-babysitter (65 titles)  -->   sex-with-a-babysitter (38 titles)

sex-with-boss (294 titles) -->  sex-with-a-boss (3 titles) -->  sleeping-with-one's-boss (9 titles)  -->   sleeping-with-the-boss (9 titles)  -->  sex-with-employee (53 titles)  -->  sex-with-an-employee (10 titles)  -->  manager-employee-sex (2 titles) -->   boss-employee-sex (5 titles)

sex-with-client (47 titles)  -->  sex-with-a-client (16 titles)

sex-with-coworker (124 titles) -->  sex-with-co-worker (10 titles)  -->  sex-with-a-coworker (34 titles)  -->  sex-with-a-co-worker (11 titles) -->  coworker-coworker-sex [new keyword]

sex-with-doctor (97 titles) -->   sex-with-a-doctor (71 titles)

sex-with-masked-man (52 titles) -->   sex-with-a-masked-man (13 titles)

sex-with-neighbor (255 titles) -->  sex-with-a-neighbor (62 titles)  -->  neighbor-neighbor-sex [new keyword]

sex-with-nurse (76 titles)  -->   sex-with-a-nurse (179 titles)

sex-with-prostitute (125 titles)  -->  sex-with-hooker (6 titles)  -->   sex-with-a-prostitute (61 titles)

sex-with-robot (74 titles)  -->  sex-with-a-robot (29 titles)

sex-with-roommate (133 titles)  -->  sex-with-a-roommate (2 titles)  -->  roommate-roomate-sex [new keyword]

sex-with-stranger (53 titles)  -->  sex-with-a-stranger (123 titles)

sex-with-teacher (198 titles)  -->   sex-with-a-teacher (76 titles)

sex-with-teenager (41 titles)  -->  sex-with-a-teenager (102 titles)



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2 years ago

underage-sex (195 titles)  -->  under-age-sex (7 titles) -->   sex-with-a-minor (292 titles)

Doesn't "sex with a minor" suggest that the other person is not a minor, while "underage sex" may involve two minors?


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I wondered the same thing while compiling the list. Without looking into it too much, I convinced myself that the keyword couldn't mean two minors, because the word "underage" implies something illegal, and it's not illegal for two minors to have sex with each other (at least not that I'm aware of). "underage-sex" is a cryptic keyword. 

But after receiving your comment, I narrowed that keyword "underage-sex" down a little further with this search (plus I found this title that had the keyword) and I think you are correct that at least some of the titles with that keyword involves two minors.

I think the best way to handle this is to simply remove the "underage-sex"  keywords from the list, and handle them separately at a later date. 

"underage-sex" is a dumb keyword anyway. If the sex is between two teenage minors, some better keywords are teenage-sex (768 titles), teenage-sexuality (648 titles), sex-between-teenagers (3 titles), teen-sex (158 titles), etc. 

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1 year ago

IMDb staff:

Now that the comment period on this list of keywords has passed, the list is ready for action. I will copy and paste the list below with the numbers of titles removed to facilitate the mergers and auto-conversions.

Duplicate Keywords Proposed for Permanent Merging and Auto-Conversion

sex-with-alien  -->  human-alien-sexual-relations  -->  human-alien-sex 

sex-with-animal   -->  sex-with-an-animal  -->  bestiality-sex   --> beastiality  -->  bestiality 

sex-with-babysitter  -->   sex-with-a-babysitter 

sex-with-boss  -->  sex-with-a-boss  -->  sleeping-with-one's-boss   -->   sleeping-with-the-boss  -->  sex-with-employee   -->  sex-with-an-employee   -->  manager-employee-sex  -->   boss-employee-sex 

sex-with-client    -->  sex-with-a-client 

sex-with-coworker -->  sex-with-co-worker   -->  sex-with-a-coworker  -->  sex-with-a-co-worker   -->  coworker-coworker-sex 

sex-with-doctor -->   sex-with-a-doctor 

sex-with-masked-man  -->   sex-with-a-masked-man 

sex-with-neighbor  -->  sex-with-a-neighbor   -->  neighbor-neighbor-sex 

sex-with-nurse   -->   sex-with-a-nurse 

sex-with-prostitute  -->  sex-with-hooker   -->   sex-with-a-prostitute 

sex-with-robot   -->  sex-with-a-robot 

sex-with-roommate  -->  sex-with-a-roommate  -->  roommate-roomate-sex 

sex-with-stranger   -->  sex-with-a-stranger 

sex-with-teacher   -->   sex-with-a-teacher 

sex-with-teenager   -->  sex-with-a-teenager 



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1 year ago

Hi keyword_expert-

We sincerely apologize for the delayed response in circling back to this older keyword proposal request.

We regret that we are unable to take the requested keyword actions raised in this thread and will be marking this as Closed. For more information please review our recent and more detailed response on this previous thread. Again, while we truly appreciate the requests, we are sorry we cannot assist further.