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Wednesday, December 6th, 2023 6:19 PM


drama/series data from all over, and incorrect

Looking at Race (TV Series 2023 - )

Tried to correct but the correction interface shows different data than actual drama page.

Original director is listed LAST. Other directors, I don't know who they are. The whole crew was Korean, these are unknown names to me.

Actors listed are VOICE actors from dubbed versions. Again, tried to correct, interface brings ridiculous data.

Went to one of 4 actual actors pages, tried to add the series to Filmography, and it can't even find it! How can your database not find it, I am looking at it on a different tab!

Bash me all you want. I have never been so disappointed in the imdb. 



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3 months ago

Hi @Dana86 -

Can you link the series below? Also, filmography on series is listed on individual episodes and has to be edited from each episode, so if you are editing from the parent series data is not going to show.