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Wed, Jan 13, 2021 5:27 PM


Dragon Rider / Drachenreiter - Running Time

At the moment, IMDb gives a running time of 100 minutes (1h 40min) for "Dragon Rider" / "Drachenreiter" (2020). The official website of the production company, Constantin Film, gives a running time of 91 minutes. According to several websites, the Blu-ray (to be released in March) also has a run time of 91 minutes. The German FSK (voluntary self-regulation of the movie industry) even gives a precise running time of 091:15 minutes (24 fps) or 087:36 minutes (25fps).

While all these could only refer to the German dubbing of the movie, I have found no sources (aside from blogs reviewing the movie, who probably copy-pasted the running time from IMDb themselves) that support the 100 minutes running time. The movie's entry on the website of the Australian Council on Children and the Media - who would undoubtedly review the English dubbing - also gives a runtime of 92 minutes.

I have made a (pending) contribution regarding the running time on the movie's page, but in case it gets denied due to "lack of verification", I wanted to make a note here - especially in case someone knows more about how the entry of 100 minutes came to be (older outdated information by the producers, mistake etc.).

The links I mentioned above:

Production Company Constantin Film:


Preview for the (German) Blu-ray on


(German) Blu-ray's entry for pre-order on Amazon:


FSK Entry:


Australian Council on Children and the Media Entry:




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6 days ago

Hi mrhoward_95617 -


Can you post the submission reference number here associated with your Running time correction so our staff can review the status?

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the submission reference number is: #210113-144757-303000. The contribution has been accepted according to the page since then. Thank you for the reply, it was also more of a "long shot" so to say as to find out how the original running time came to be.

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6 days ago

It seems to be listed ”91 min” now. Perhaps already corrected.