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Saturday, March 18th, 2023 6:40 PM


Display title change - The Hot Stogie (1947)

I changed the original title for this short film from "The Hot Stoogie" to "The Hot Stogie."

But the IMDb display title is still "The Hot Stoogie."

The IMDb display title should be "The Hot Stogie."

My attempt to make this change was rejected. Here is my submission number: https://contribute.imdb.com/contribution/230317-132659-684000

Jerry Beck uploaded this film to his YouTube channel and misspelled the title as "Hot Stoogie." I added "Hot Stoogie" as the unauthorized video title.

Until Jerry Beck's misspelling, the film has always been known as "The Hot Stogie." That should be the IMDb display title.



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1 year ago

Hi jay_spirit-

Thank you for posting the submission reference number! I have taken a look at it and the correction has been made for this title. The changes are already live on the site for The Hot Stogie (1947).