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Saturday, March 18th, 2023 6:40 PM


Display title change - The Hot Stogie (1947)

​I changed the original title for ​​this short film​​ from "The Hot Stoogie" to "The Hot Stogie."​

​But the IMDb display title is still "The Hot Stoogie."​

​The IMDb display title should be "The Hot Stogie."​

​My attempt to make this change was rejected. Here is my submission number: ​​https://contribute.imdb.com/contribution/230317-132659-684000​

​Jerry Beck uploaded this film to his YouTube channel and misspelled the title as "Hot Stoogie." I added "Hot Stoogie" as the unauthorized video title.​

​Until Jerry Beck's misspelling, the film has always been known as "The Hot Stogie." That should be the IMDb display title.​

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2 days ago

Hi jay_spirit-

Thank you for posting the submission reference number! I have taken a look at it and the correction has been made for this title. The changes are already live on the site for The Hot Stogie (1947).