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Thursday, September 29th, 2022 4:56 PM



Discrepancy with the keyword "serial-killer-crime"

I never realized this until just now, but there is a problem with the keyword "serial-killer-crime," and I unknowingly played a big part in creating that problem.

The keyword "serial-killer-crime" was apparently unveiled in January 2022 as an "accepted" subgenre keyword, and yet it was also included in one of my mass merger lists in March 2022, and at some point thereafter was merged and set up for auto-conversion, as recommended, into "serial-murder."

Numbers of titles from March 2022:

serial-killing (137 titles)  -->  serial-killings (1 title)  -->  serial-killer-crime (65 titles) -->  serial-murder (1354 titles)

To this day (nearly in October 2022), the keyword "serial-killer-crime" still appears on the list of "accepted" subgenre keywords, for both TV shows and movies. Yet the keyword literally does not exist, and is still being auto-converted to "serial-murder." 

Either the "serial-killer-crime" keyword should be removed from the list of subgenre keywords, or the auto-conversion of this keyword should be undone.

Personally I think "serial-killer-crime" is a pointless and awkward keyword. With that said, I don't really care how this discrepancy is resolved, but I did want to note it for the record. 

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1 year ago

Hi @keyword_expert -

Thanks for reporting.  The subgenre keyword you reported, "serial killer crime" has now been reinstated as a working keyword and will no longer auto-convert to "serial-murder".