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Sat, Mar 26, 2022 1:11 AM


discouraging contributions

I'm going to use my experience this week with my contribution #220320-071011-362000 (where I was correcting someone's mistake posting an opera title) to discuss some systemic problems.

I submitted a credit deletion request along with other items (adding the correct video director and the music director in the proper slot.) Only the deletion of the video director was declined. (Perhaps if I had _changed_ the video director instead of add/delete, this might have been smoother. Maybe.) {NB: with opera, there are 3 primary directors: video, music and stage. On IMDb, the "Director" is the video director. Someone had posted the Music director (the Conductor of the orchestra) in that slot}) .

In the original submission I explained things, and provided the weblink for where the title currently streams (you need a subscription), and the page also lists the directors so you don't have to find them on the video. But the "unable to verify" reason resulted.

Then I forwarded the contribution confirmation email to the support desk, asking them to reconsider the declined item, and to look at that streaming page. The response seemed a bit boilerplate, but gave the specific suggestion of providing a screenshot of credits.

So I replied, and provided the screenshots, reiterating the contribution number and explanation of the situation, even though it was still visible in the body of the email. The reply to that was:

Thanks for your message and for providing evidence to verify your submission.

You can submit additional evidence with any data contribution to (via desktop) - an example of this can be seen here:

Please resubmit your request using the "Provide an Explanation" field on the contribution form and entering evidence in the applicable field to help our staff verify this update.

Rather than do as asked, I decided to post here.


1) I dislike how much work IMDb puts us through to correct someone else's error (caused because IMDb doesn't require sufficient proof to add new data in the first place, although in this case the IMDb editor would need to understand the roles of the various directors).

2) I think the webpage of the streaming service should have sufficed.

3) Certainly providing the screenshots and the original contribution# to the contact desk should have sufficed.

4) The final response from the contact desk did not include the message to which she was replying (although the earlier Support reply had; so whether to include must be an option, which should always be "include".)

5) I didn't want to create another contribution and risk having it declined again. I don't trust that IMDb staff understand opera credits any better than the contributor that created this tiny mess, and I want to keep my contribution record as clean as possible.

6) I wish the Contact desk would see the record of the contributor before kicking things back for the contributor to do more. I'm not a novice who needs more practice with contributions.

In closing, I'd like the system to be improved, and this particular contribution to be adopted.

Here are the screenshots to verify the correction:

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Il y a 4 m

Hi bderoes -

My apologies for the delayed reply.  I appreciate your feedback regarding your recent experiences trying to correct data on the site.  I have passed along your comments to the appropriate team for visibility and review of future improvements.

In the meantime, I can confirm that the updates you submitted for "Cavalleria Rusticana & I Pagliacci (2007) (TV)" have now been approved and the changes should be live on the site shortly. 




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