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Sat, Feb 10, 2018 4:26 AM

Dead keywords don't disappear from suggestions

I've spent some time consolidating like keywords. I've noticed after a few days that dead keywords (i.e. keywords with 0 titles attached to them) disappear from the search function; however they do not disappear from suggestions when adding keywords to a title.

For example, I got rid of dead-body-on-a-slab because dead-body-on-slab had many more titles attached to it. It disappeared from the search, but still shows up if you type "dead body slab" as a keyword. See pictures below.

The suggestion should really go away when that keyword reaches 0 titles attached.




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3 y ago

Thanks (and sorry).  This is a known problem and a bug report has been filed. 

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20 d ago

I would like to see this fixed, too.