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Thu, Nov 25, 2021 3:26 PM


Date for episode not registering the same year as the release date?

This is far from a major issue, but I did notice that this 1996 episode of Des O'Connor Tonight, despite having a 1996 release date, registers as "1984" and displays within the 1984 episodes when the whole listing is looked at:

When I started working on the title it was in a bit of a mess, with numerous episodes not created, and ISTR that was probably an excess 1984 episode I repurposed rather than putting in a delete request for it. But it hasn't updated to 1996 in the main?

Not terribly important...



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10 h ago

Hi MovieCat -

I reviewed the episode title page and can confirm that the correct "1996" title year is now displaying on the title page and within the Episode List.  However, as I understand the issue, the incorrect "1984" title year is still displaying on the reference view episode title page.

I have alerted our tech team of this Reference View display issue, however, it's unlikely that there will be a fix as there is no longer active support for the Reference View.