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Wednesday, May 15th, 2024 4:00 PM


Creating a Quote with actors listed as Someone (I) in Imdb

Today, I tried to add a few touches in the data for a movie I saw recently, and liked a lot - because of it's political messages and the fact that it was shot mostly on location in my country: [tt0076861]

My quote would be the last lines, by [nm0001626], an actor that for me is unique, but IMDb registers five of them, and apparently there are other people surviving his death and using his great name, or simply baptized by their parents with the same name. Anyways, IMDb distinguishes them by Roman numerals. I've nothing against that.

As you can see in my attachment

, I'm blocked by the system because "in line 1", IMDb does not accept Roman numerals.

But line 1 is created automatically by IMDb system, when I press the Actor/Character name from the menu.

Is there a way to bypass this block?

Is it a system error that IMDb programmers will correct in a minute?



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4 days ago

Hi @artemis_9 -

I tried to recreate but it is not giving me an error, can you try again and let us know if it's still a problem? post the full quote here and the device/browser information you are using.


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@Bethanny​ Thanks. I insisted, and at my second attempt today, I managed to be accepted.

My problem was getting baffled by the automatic creation of a "line 1" for the stage comment [last line], making what I start as a 1 line sentence being a 2-line one... I disagree with the system, but it's only me :-))