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Wednesday, August 28th, 2019 9:32 PM

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Could we please have a separate "Colorist Department"

The role of Colorist and related jobs such as color timer, conforming, finishing, versioning, HDR etc. really need to be in their own category. It can be very hard to find who did the grading and finishing on a project, colorists are scattered between editorial, visual effects and maybe some other departments at the moment. Also listing Colorists in editorial is very misleading and confuses people about the responsibilities of the colorists and associates. For a good description of possible colorist duties see
Thank you for your support

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5 days ago

This post has 657 upvotes, 4 pages long, clearly a lot of interest in this one. How come none of the IMDB employees never cared to respond, or offer any help beyond showing us guidelines?

@Michelle @Fran  @Bethanny @Ozzy Or at least loop someone in that could be of any help.