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Thursday, May 25th, 2023 4:53 PM


Correcting/deleting credit issues

I’m running into the problem of correcting a credit I have to reflect the accurate role I did per episode. When I click correct/delete, the next page tells me I have to add. There doesn’t seem to give me an option to correct/delete. Either this function is gone or it keeps misdirecting me to the wrong page that adds credits because there is no differential to the “add credit” and “correct/delete” page. Please advise.

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Hi @Audioman -

When selecting correct/delete you will get a list with the credits, look for the one you want to correct and change the dropdown on the left that says "Keep" for "Correct" and then "Check this updates" below, this will allow you to modify the credit. Let us know if you need further help or send a screenshot if you are seeing something different.