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Tue, Nov 30, 2021 8:27 PM

No Status


Contribution declined - Rejection Reason

When a Contribution is 'Declined' it is often just missing information or supporting evidence.

The status of the Contribution should be less 'permanent' - "Declined" implies Finality.

Contribution Status should be:

  • Submitted
  • Being Reviewed
  • Needs more Evidence
  • Needs better Formatting
  • Declined - Relevance
  • Declined - Content
  • Declined - General

When status is changed to "Declined" it implies there is no consideration of accepting.

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Il y a 5 m

Hey @RefManDan 

I have a few close friends here who review

films on IMDb . . . they are what I'd  "Super

creatives" . . . & are REALLY struggling with

this platform's( often )DRACONIAN treatm-

ent of its contributing writers & USERS ; all
of whom (Of Course) are the ACTUAL reas

on that IMBb is now supposed to be a "Wo-

rld Leader" in the field.... with an estimated

USD THREE  BILLION  net worth.

And the reason I say DRACONIAN is "expr-
essly" because the said platform's "User R-
eviews" section's billed as a forum for AM-
ATEUR WRITERS ....and  NOT  professiona
ls.... and that BY DEFINITION  MEANS  that

they ought  NOT  to be held to the " SAME "

standards that we all tend to hold professi-

onal writers to.

Furthermore, I can absolutely tell u.. from
the bottom of my heart . . . that  -ALL- my

writer friends here,(who incidentally, work
REALLY hard researching their stuff ...and
often spend DAYS  trying to come up with
SOLID, substantial reviews), ARE "LITERA-

to meet said platform's ( EXHAUSTIVE ! ! )

LIST OF RULES. And ALL they get for their
efforts is a cold, big, fat, bold red-type me-
sage saying :  " ! DECLINED ",  and . . . . . . .

" Does not mean contribution guidelines "


Here are a few more suggestions from me,
to augment your -EXCELLENT- suggestions

1. Declined • Kindly check for spoiler( s ).

(Nb: This MUSTN'T be used vs. content used

from ANY of said film's <<OFFICIAL>> previe

ws or teasers... under ANY circumstances ).
2. Declined • Don't reference other reviews.
3. Declined • Your review is TOO long.
4. Declined • OVERLY personal.
5. Declined • OVERLY political.

6. Declined • Too much capitalization.

7. Declined • Inadequate punctuation.




@Col_Needham ?













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Il y a 5 m

Hey @Michelle,

I am told you pretty much run the show here

I've just voiced my FRANK opinions above....

I hope I'm not being -PENALIZED-  for simply

being HONEST.

It would be nice if you

could weigh in,       TY.