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Sun, Jun 6, 2021 1:48 AM



completed status

Hello - There are a few films in my filmography that are stuck in "completed" status. They haven't been released and from what I gather they don't intend to be. Does this mean they will be stuck in completed forever or is there a way to list them in a way so that at least show up in the appropriate year. There is one as far back as 2013.

Thank you

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1 y ago

Hi actornyc -

The status display cannot be modified to a customized phrasing, therefore, until the title has been released, the credit will remain listed with a "Completed" status at the top of your IMDb filmography.

If the titles are no longer active and there is no planned release, the title would warrant a removal.  If this is the case, please request a title deletion via our Contact Form