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Wednesday, October 5th, 2022 7:23 PM



character name correction declined - unable to verify

I noticed a simple grammatical error in a character name on a Jack Benny Program page

(tt0613576). The show features a neighborhood club called the Beverly Hills Beavers, and

the character played the Secretary for the club. It was listed as "Beaver's Secretary". The

apostrophe was mis-placed, so I posted the change to "Beavers' Secretary". The error was

minor (not to mention common among the semi-literate), and it was still wrong. The response

from the ever-knowing IMDb Bot was 'unable to verify'. It is not something that can be

verified via the episode itself, as character names are not listed on the credits. It is a simple

English-language matter. ( The possessive form for a group called the Beavers is Beavers'.

Maybe English is the Bot's second language!) Note to human: please fix this. The submission

which was declined is #221002-175242-511000 . Thanks in advance. J<



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2 years ago

Hi @gerald_jones_phd -

This character credit has now been updated and the change should be live on the site shortly.