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Thursday, June 1st, 2023 11:29 AM


"Brydon &"

There are two versions of the series "Brydon &" - one is an audio-only podcast series, and the other is a YouTube series featuring heavily-edited video versions of the same interviews. 

The YouTube series is at

The podcast series is at

I have been diligently updating the page for the YouTube series over the last two years, submitting every new episode including cast members. This all went very smoothly until this week, where someone has submitted a podcast episode (which they have numbered #1.88) to the YouTube series (which has reached episode #7.2 due to being released on a different schedule) and added "podcast series" to the title of the YouTube series. Furthermore, the submitted episode does not actually correspond to this week's episode of either series, so I'm not sure where it's been sourced from.

I have submitted a correction to get this episode moved to the correct series (230601-111854-596000) and to get the title amended (230601-112032-384000) - hopefully there will be no problem there, although I've struggled with these kind of approvals before. But I've had this sort of thing happen before with other podcasts, and it turned out that they were being added automatically and that IMDb staff (in this case @Bethanny) were able to have a word with the contributor and asked them to leave the series alone - 

I wonder if it might be possible for staff to identify the contributor and ask them to submit those episodes to the other (2021) series instead?

Many thanks



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4 months ago

Hi @tom_wake -

Both submissions were accepted, I think the confusion came from it being tagged as a podcast, hopefully now that it's tagged as a series again it won't happen anymore, let me know if it does please.