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Thursday, September 12th, 2019 5:53 PM

betty boop "tv series"
The first problem is the series years: (1930–1939)
I suspect that if Betty Boop had been on TV during her theatrical cartoons' original release years, that the current website for Fleischer Studios would be bragging about that. As it is, they brag about her 1931 (and an earlier) appearance in a TV demonstration at Madison Square Garden.
I find the implication that BB was serialized on TV back in the 30s to be a dangerous rewrite of history, so getting the years fixed is important.

The 32 episodes listed on this IMDb title break down as follows:
14 have no plot summary & no link to video.
5 link to an Amazon Video with the same episode number.
12 link to an Amazon Video with a different episode number but the same plot summary.
1 links to an Amazon Video with a different episode number and different plot summary.
The Amazon series has 4 seasons of 11 episodes each, while the IMDb title has 1 season of 32 episodes.

I'd think that having an IMDb listing that mirrors the Amazon series would be ok if it carried the year the Amazon series was created, much like this Amazon video (a compilation film, not individual episodes) and its IMDb listing, complete with connections to the theatrical cartoons:

Unfortunately, I cannot find a date on the Amazon product, although it appears to be taken from the 2 Legend dvd offerings which date back to 2013
(I can't really verify these hold all the same 'toons (2nd volume has no track list), but the Video listing says the studio is Legend, and at 22 cartoons each, these 2 dvd's sum to 44 episodes on the Video listing.)

The IMDb title does not yet have any Connections to the original theatrical titles, and unfortunately a TV series requires Connections to be linked to individual episodes.

Soooo, before I submit any edits, I'd like to hear from Will (Employee) or other IMDb rep about which of these options would be best:
1) Delete the 32-episode title and be done with it
2) Convert the title to a tv special so the Connections can be listed all in 1 place, with annotations of their series episode # on Amazon (and give the IMDb title a 2013 year)
3) Correct the year of the IMDb title to 2013 and align episodes to the Amazon title.
4) Other?

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5 years ago

? ?

Betty Boop (1930-1939)
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Koko the Clown was a secondary character that later had his own series on TV, "Out of the Inkwell."

Betty Boop
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Out of the Inkwell (1961-1962)
It looks like we don't have any release dates for this title yet.
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Larry Storch ...   Koko the Clown  (uncredited) (14 episodes, 1962)



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5 years ago

Hi bderoes -

There is another Get Satisfaction thread referencing this title and it is currently pending further investigation and clean-up:

Since a ticket has been filed and our editors will be investigating this title, I would encourage you to refrain from submitting any corrections.    Please also keep an eye on the thread referenced above for any status updates, as we will be sure to acknowledge the investigation outcome and actions taken on that thread.

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Since a ticket has been filed and our editors will be investigating this title, I would encourage you to refrain from submitting any corrections. 

Duplicate threads on certain issues can happen if an issue is pointed out 13 months ago and hasn't been dealt with yet...