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Tuesday, November 28th, 2023 4:00 PM


Bad Links to Metacritic

The IMDB record for the movie "The Miracle Club" shows 25 reviews on Metacritic.com.  The links to Metacritic.com as well as the entry for this movie are all broken?


They open an error/problem page on Metacritic.com


Metacritic.com apparently no longer has an entry for this movie since a search on Metacritic.com for this movie also shows this same error?

Uh-oh Go back to Metacritic Homepage
This is probably not the page you’re looking for. Sorry about that.

A search on Metacritic.com for "The Miracle Club" results in


We couldn't find a match for "the miracle club". Please double-check the spelling or try another search.

... apparently this is a problem on Metacritic.com since every search there seems to be failing.



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7 months ago

Hi @JGK781,

Thank you for your problem report.

Up until five minutes ago I was experiencing the same issue, however it appears the links to the external critic reviews are now displaying on Metacritic, and the title can be now found via search on Metacritic.  Furthermore, I could see that the external critic reviews could still be accessed by clicking the links on this page during the short time I also experienced the above issue.

I hope this helps!