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Wednesday, July 10th, 2024 8:59 PM



ONE EXAMPLE: I keep trying to submit Award Data for, Can You Hear Me (2023) and getting this This Win / Nomination has been rejected. You need to correct this Win / Nomination before it will be accepted.

  • The title 'CAN YOU HEAR ME (2023)' is not currently in the database.
    Did you mean one of these?

YES IT IS IN THE DATABASE! Could IMDb get their acts together. It's time consuming! We don't pay our membership fees to have to deal with this type of frustration!



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8 days ago

Hello unclerae,

Can you help us with the 18-digits submission reference number? in order to take a look for you!

You can find the submission history in your Contribution History page.



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8 days ago

Unclerae: The only 2023 title I can find titled "Can You Hear Me" is https://www.imdb.com/title/tt31459029/, a music video by Raymond Edwards.

However, the official formatted IMDb title of that production would be:

Can You Hear Me (2023) (Music Video)

Alternatively, if you enter the IMDb title constant -- tt31459029 -- in place of the title, the title will automatically be formatted after you click "Re-check these updates".