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Sun, Apr 19, 2020 9:15 PM

Art Gallery/Exhibition Premieres?

There's certain films that don't go through a festival circuit or a theatre release but rather are shown at Art Galleries or art exhibitions. For example. Christian Marclay's "the clock" was screened at the The Polygon Gallery in north vancouver last year

For releases would it be more appropriate to list the museum or art gallery/exhibition's name as an attribute (the same way festivals are attributed)? or would the city it was exhibited in be better?




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10 months ago

Hi Harrison Clark -

It's acceptable to mention the Exhibition in the attribute field, for example:

Exhibition at Cinemateca Brasileira
Exhibition "Yanomami, l'esprit de la forêt"
Exhibition Screening


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so in the case of the clock it would be (Exhibition at The Polygon Gallery)?