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Thursday, June 16th, 2022 3:21 PM



Are "filmed-in-" keywords allowed?

Someone (probably just one or two contributors) has been adding "filmed-in-" keywords to indicate the geographic places where titles were filmed. The contributor is particularly focused on titles filmed in Arizona.

I believe these "filmed-in-" keywords are not proper keywords. First, they may have nothing to do with the plot. Keywords are primarily supposed to be plot keywords, and sometimes a filming location is irrelevant to a title's plot.

Second and more importantly, IMDb already has other search functions to allow searching for titles filmed in specific geographic areas. 

For example, here is a search for all titles filmed in Arizona (currently 7,795 titles):

Such locations searches can be combined with keyword searches. Here's a search for titles filmed in Arizona with the keyword "desert":

Imagine if every title included keywords indicating every location where each title was filmed. That would be a lot of unnecessary (and duplicative) keywords.

If I'm correct that "filmed-in-" keywords are improper, can IMDb staff please delete and block these keywords?

filmed-in-phoenix-arizona (43 titles)
filmed-in-utah (41 titles)
filmed-in-canada (20 titles)
filmed-in-armenia (14 titles)
filmed-in-tempe-arizona (14 titles)

filmed-in-arizona (3 titles)
filmed-in-chicago (2 titles)
filmed-in-seattle (2 titles)
filmed-in-nova-scotia (2 titles)

There are also some "filmed-in-" keywords with only 1 title; I could handle those myself rather than asking staff to delete them. But first, I will wait for confirmation that "filmed-in-" keywords are indeed improper.

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2 years ago

Hi keyword_expert & gromit82-

Thanks for reporting and commenting.  These are not eligible keywords as they unnecessarily duplicate Locations data on title pages, as already noted in your comments above. 

I have now removed all live geographic "filmed-in" location keywords.


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@Michelle​ Thank you!



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2 years ago

I agree with keyword-expert that these "filmed-in-..." keywords are just a duplication of the Location section and should not be accepted.