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Mon, Jun 29, 2020 12:12 AM

Archive voice credits for Popeye cartoon

I recently submitted a credit correction for voice actors working on "Adventures of Popeye" (1935). The submission number was 200628-000242-875000.  The cartoon pieced together sequences from four previously released Popeye cartoons.  Only the Popeye character had any new animation - the characters of Olive Oyl (voiced by Mae Questrel and Bonnie Poe) and Bluto (Gus Winkie) only appeared in archive footage from the earlier carttons.  I tried to add (archive footage) as an attribute, to Questrel and Winkie's voice credit and add Poe's uncredited appearance, but all three were rejected.   How do I make my case for inclusion/correction?




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1 y ago

Hello, David Bassler.

It is entirely possible that rejections were due to evidence being not enough. In that case a few links to articles or other sources in the optional Explanation field would sort that out. 

Another thing to point out is that "(archive footage)" is not necessarily the best attribute for re-used voices, "(archive sound)" is a go to for such cases, with it being categorized into Archive Footage sections of the filmographies, anyhow. 

Finally, there are exceptions in which "(archive footage)" attribute might not be the best solution.
A few examples: