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Friday, May 17th, 2024 5:56 PM


Another page for an entire network (Fox Business) SOLVED

Fox Business (2007- )

This page seems to be referring to the Fox Business network, not a specific series. Fox Business has a number of shows on it, some (but not all) of which already have their own IMDb pages.

The episodes on this page could belong to any of these shows.

Here is an incomplete list of current and canceled shows. (Their current shows are listed here: https://www.foxbusiness.com/shows/)

After the Bell
American Built
American Dream Home
American Gold: The Legend of Bear Gulch
Barron's Roundtable
The Big Money Show
Billion Dollar Idea
The Bottom Line
Cavuto: Coast to Coast
The Claman Countdown
Countdown to the Closing Bell
The Dave Ramsey Show
Fox Business Bulls & Bears
How America Works
Imus in the Morning
The Intelligence Report
Legends & Lies
Lou Dobbs Tonight
Making Money with Charles Payne
Mansion Global
Maria Bartiromo's Wall Street
Money for Breakfast
Mornings with Maria
My Dream Car
The Opening Bell on Fox Business
Opening Bell with Maria Bartiromo
The Pursuit with John Rich
Strange Inheritance
Tom Sullivan Show
Varney & Co.
WSJ at Large with Gerry Baker

Accepted Solution

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1 month ago

I'm doing some more investigating, and at least one of the episodes refers to a clip available on the Fox Business website: 

Former Groupon CEO's Resignation Letter Childish?

If all the episodes titles are from clips, then the page could be retitled "Fox Business (Clips)" and the plot outline could make clear that the page is listing clips from the official website and the official YouTube channel.

I'll investigate further when I have time and add to this thread.

UPDATE: This appears to be the issue. The page refers to the clips on the network's official sites, not the network itself.